I’m Sunil Tej Gorantla. I am a solo founder building Gulpie. I write about Bitcoin, Web3, Consumer Products, Philosophy and Life as a founder. As I peel off the infinite layers of my naïveté, I mostly write to remember what I learnt to become a better human and a founder.

Starting up, I found it challenging to socially connect with people. It didn’t help to be an introvert. I reached out to successful people for advice. And I constantly felt judged, underestimated and was quite frequently ghosted. Almost as if asking for advice was a low thing—one had to meet this invisible threshold to be good enough to seek advice from the elite folk.

I don’t think good advice should be constrained to walled gardens, inside circles and paid newsletters—public writing is how we opensource it. And Paul Graham’s essays are an epitome of that. What I couldn’t gather from people, I sought out in books, twitter threads, and blogs. Everything I’ve learnt, I have from reading. I always wished there was a resource that answered all the burning questions a founder had—especially, one with a context set in my economic and social background. Today, I write to build that resource.